Jacqueline Horning Photography

JON + EMMA | MARCH 17th 2018



March 17th is sure to be on heck of a day.  Jon and Emma are getting married and the world will never be the same.  (Ok, for them anyway.)  They have asked JHP to photograph their wedding so that they can be fully present in this sacred event and know they will be able to look back on beautiful photos.  I always hope JHP couples will look back on their images in one, five, ten, twenty years and more and be flooded with reminders of their promise to one another and the joy surrounding this commitment.  


If you would like to contribute to their wedding photos and wedding album (because holding a book will always beat clicking arrows and watching a screen!), click "CONTRIBUTE" below.  Jon and Emma send their love and thanks!  (And they promise to show you some images.  That's all you really wanted to know, right? ;) ) 



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