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puerto rico, baby!

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We're back!  The blog was a bit quiet in December because JHP was on vacation.  It was fabulous.  

P and I have been married for a little over five years now and we (he) started talking about a five year trip about...4.5 years ago.  As we approached five years a few things came up - we bought a house, fixed up said house, changed jobs, oh right and found out we were having a baby.  As a result, the travel plans changed a few times.  At least one of our friends doubted that we'd ever get anywhere, but it happened!  

Our anniversary trip turned babymoon was wonderful - relaxing, warm, adventurous (at least, adventurous at 7 months pregnant) - but most of all, it was great time together.  We could have camped out back and if that was the result, I'd have been happy.  (Ok, happy but freezing.)  

I didn't bring my camera, so here are a few favs from the iphone.