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The Best Part of Vacation

jacqueline horningComment

Cape May, NJ

For the past few (five?) years my family heads to the Jersey Shore along with cousins, aunts, uncles, sisters, grandparents, etc to do all things beach.  I love the built-in calendar days to see far away family and all of the catching up over jumping waves, cold drinks, rocking babies, wiping sandy hands for more cheddar bunnies...and the sound of the ocean as our soundtrack, of course.

But what Pete and I have found about traveling is that it's the being away part that is perhaps the best thing.  Breakfast hour stretches from 6am-10am.  Second cups of coffee, chatting during naps, lingering everywhere.  The cares of home are worlds away.  

These simple scenes are always what I end up capturing and what I love about being away with family.  

Long live vacation!  Happy Summer, folks.  xo.