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Baby Room Update

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The month of January was pretty much the month of baby prep for P and I.  We took a class and now have a certificate saying we are ready to have a baby (ha - don't think too hard about that one, just chuckle with me), were showered by wonderful friends and family (hence the photo on the bottom left)...and made some headway on the baby's room!  

We had a bit more work to do than the average parents-to-be since we bought a house that needed some work (understatement!) and have a few projects left.  In addition to moving P's home office to the basement and clearing out the room, we refinished the old hardwood upstairs and painted trim and walls.  Painting trim is always time consuming detail work, but I failed to account for the extra breaks I'd need!  I huff and puff juuust a little more than I used to.

I was pretty excited to finally finish this room and move in furniture.  The crib went up, we moved in a bureau that is going to be our changing table, we picked up the rocking chair we're borrowing from my parents, and the rug arrived.  Voila!  Instant gratification for me as this room came together.  

Some things I'm excited about: a beautiful quilt that my sister made us (top right); a crochet alphabet that my mother-in-law made when she was expecting P (bottom right).  It hung in his baby room and I love that it will now hang in his baby's room.   

There are lots of fabulous looking neutral nurseries out there - you can see the inspiration photos I collected on my Pinterest board here.  We decided to keep the walls grey and are hoping to add a big square of chalkboard paint to one wall.      

I'll post more photos as we add more decorative details.  For now, I need some serious organizational pieces to store all of these baby supplies.  If anyone has ideas for maximizing closet storage for a little one, let me know!