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Archiving Keepsakes [simplify]

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What a great idea!  In the spirit of newborn sessions and babies being born to so many people I love, I thought I'd share this idea.  Artifact Uprising is a relatively new company and I love their products.  (So much so that I offer them in at least one of my packages!)  

One photographer showed how she uses their photo books to preserve her son's artwork without keeping binders full of paintings.  I see this being helpful in the coming years...:)  Take a look!

I also see this as a great way to turn a photo book into a scrapbook.  I don't let myself keep train ticket stubs or maps from vacations, but it could be fun to photograph them and incorporate them into a photo book.  Especially now that there are apps like tiny scan and fast scan that let you easily take a picture from your phone and create a pdf.  The sentimental side of me is happy.