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One Last Getaway

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Happy Fall!  I'm taking a breath and popping my head up to wish you warm drinks on cool mornings and no colds until January.  :)   

There's a lot going on behind the scenes over here and I'm excited to tell you about it in the next few weeks.  I also have cute babies I can't wait to feature!  (I know which one you're more excited about.  Wink.)

Before we found ourselves scurrying around a few weeks ago, Pete and I snuck away for a weekend.  It was   w  o  n  d  e  r  f  u  l.  

Related to spending quality time - or just having time to be with close friends and family - I read this article in the New York Times.  I loved it.  It changed the way I'm looking at my fall calendar.  Sometimes a little reinforcement to do what I already want to do goes a long way, you know?  Tell me what you think, if you'd like.       

Hoping you and yours are well! xo

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