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A Few of my Favorite Things

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Weeks are flying by for me as there always seems to be something out of the ordinary going on.  This week, our bathroom is being redone (wohoo!) so we are out of the house for a few weeks.  It's like a mini-vacation being away from my own house and to-do list, although we miss our neighborhood friends! 

As the weeks run together with travel, vacation, house projects and prep for baby #2 I'm aware of my need to re-focus on the important things and less on how much progress I made with my pregnancy-induced house purge (It's real.  Pray for Pete.).  I've realized that having a child might be the best thing so far to slow me down and make me grateful for small things.  Have you found this?  She says, "Mama, I luv you" once and motherhood is all roses for that morning.   

Here is a quick summary of our spring and summer so far, in pictures of course.  I love that my favorite things include big events like vacation and beach along with a favorite lunch on a favorite plate (eggs, kale, and good bread on a handmade plate gifted to me by my sister, in case you were wondering) and a walk in the rain.  

Wishing you lots of favorite things this week! xo

(All iphone photos.  Photo above: a small part of the crew at Cape May this summer.)