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Our New Family of Four

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Our little peanut arrived nine days late on September 1st, 2016: Anderson "Anders" James.  He's wonderful and we're all happily getting used to our new normal.  

(I'm loving her face here, although she didn't learn to make a "cheese" face from me!)

So much about birth is amazing and crazy to me.  How I knew that pregnancy leads to the birth of a baby but still felt a shock of "ohmygoodness there's a BABY here now!" as he was born; how it felt so normal to know him and love him after only meeting this babe days earlier; the way our bodies know how to do this whole birth thing without any direction - and then heal and get back to normal (eventually).  Amazing.  

Things will be a little quiet over here this fall as I take maternity leave and soak up precious time with my TWO babies and learn how to be a mama all over again.   

 Send along any inquiries about setting up a session and I'll happily put you on the calendar in 2017.  The rest of this fall is set aside for finishing work for a few clients and taking lots of time with my kiddos.  

Have a fabulous fall (after that summer I'm convinced it will be the most wonderful time of the year) and give your loves an extra squeeze tonight.  We'll be over here doing the same thing and feeling grateful... and tired.  xo.