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Do you keep a Baby Book?

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This question still gets me.  Sometimes I'm convinced that I've utterly failed because I haven't even purchased a baby book for either kid - and the oldest is over three years old. 

And sometimes I just think it's our generation.  Everyone is looking for a "different" option; we record memories via iphone camera rolls or instagram and haven't purchased those old classic baby books.  

What do you do?  My sister created a photo book and wrote in captions, memories, and quotes from her daughter written so you read it like she would have said it as a lispy two year old.  Adorable and genius.  My sister-in-law just started using chat books, and something about a book showing up seems kind of amazing.  A friend (and JHP mama!) likes Emily Ley's baby book.  

If you're looking around, here are some I've found:

Paper Source Pleased to Meet You Baby Journal. $14. Had me tearing up with a little line stuck in there saying, "That was the best thing that ever happened to me".  So true, Paper Source.  

Anthropologie My First Year: A Baby Journal.  $29. Pretty, but you knew that.  Easy on the eyes in how it captures information, such as a clever diagram of teeth to date teething. 

Mushy Books Dreamcatcher.  $79.  This is my baby book dream.  It's exactly what it says: a modern baby book.  Comprehensive and beautiful.  And not cheap. (Hello, shower gift!)

Rag and Bone Bindery Baby's First Book.  $65. Tons of cover options here and you can order different family / parent configurations.  I like that there were a few pages on family history - always a cool thing to document.

One last option: Artifact Uprising's Story of You.  $120.  What I love is that there are places to put real photos!  And the book itself is a beautiful and quality album.    

Update: It looks like Emily Ley's lineup now also includes books for foster parents, infertility journeys, babies in heaven, adoption, etc - !  

So, what will you do?  Regardless, I am so glad that there are more and more companies offering photo printing services since it encourages getting photos off of devices and into your world for enjoyment.  xo.


Need a few updated photos for those baby books?  Hop on over and send me a message to chat about scheduling a session!