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Happy New Year!

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While this year is not ending in a bang in the literal sense (the flu epidemic is present in our living room and I hear it's in yours, too), that's okay.  One of the best things about being married to P is that he doesn't let me lose perspective.  This year was pretty wonderful.  

I'm thankful for a lively, happy, healthy little girl.  As my P said, "that's #1, 2 and 3" on his list of this year's highlights.  It's amazing how much joy comes in taking care of someone else.  It doesn't hurt that I think she's adorable.  :)  

I'm thankful for great times with family alongside the ocean, a lake, and a roller coaster.  For the chance to watch those I love handle hard things with wisdom and grace.  To know and live near friends as they start new chapters of their lives, and others as they long for the next chapter.  And I'm thankful to have met so many new babies - isn't it incredible that they weren't here...and now they are? And we'll never go back, nor would we ever want to.  

I'm thankful for YOU - for your babies and marriages and for letting me enter into them for just a few hours.  I love what I do and have such wonderful clients.  

Oh, and do you like these images?  I'm a little bashful about posting them since "dressing up" for a photo shoot isn't a normal occurrence for E and I...but I made an exception and think they say "happy new year" pretty well.  Hopefully you'll appreciate the sentiment.  

Wishing the happiest of holidays to you and yours!