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Happy Mother's Day! (one day late)

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Happy Mother's Day to all!  I'm belated in posting this but still wanted to share this little excerpt. 

This was my first Mother's Day.  It was fabulous.  I am in love with our little one and feel so grateful to be her mom.  A card from my parents offered their wish: "May your day be filled with joy as you consider the precious gift given to you and P."  That's exactly what it was.  Thank you, Mom and Dad.  I get it - 10 weeks worth anyway - of what you must feel watching your three kids and three grandkids hang out around the table.  

P and I were gifted a book when our little E was born called Morning Song: Poems for New Parents.  I've loved reading through it (and reading some to e - she's currently indifferent to poetry) and wanted to share this:

"To love an other only for being." 

It's one little line from Denise Levertov's "Relearning the Alphabet" and it ran through my head yesterday.  It's why the joy of being a parent doesn't make any sense; it's a lot of work, money, and sacrifice, yet every parent I know loves it.  Since we live in a culture that celebrates life free of responsibility or limits, it's encouraging to me when hard or sacrificial things in life, like marriage and children, are also the most important, most life-giving, and most worth celebrating.

Wishing the best to you and yours - and to your mother.   

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