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A Name Fit for a King

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Glenside, PA

Samuel George - isn't it regal sounding?  I think this baby is going places.  If his family has anything to do with it, I'm sure he will.  I so enjoyed meeting the Nutts a few weeks ago.  He swaddles, she shushes: the perfect parenting team, don't you think?  :)  

We talked pacifiers (amazing inventions, especially when they don't fall out), outings with a baby (pretty sure they've had as many in two weeks as we have in six), and how our dogs are adjusting (I'll say Gus is winning).  Quite the life change, and so worth documenting.  

Nutts, I'm sure he's even bigger now than he was two weeks ago!  Thanks for letting me celebrate baby Samuel with you.   

Above: This chair belonged to Dave's Grandfather and now lives on after receiving some updates from Dave and Sara.  I love the sentiment, the chair's new look and the tangible legacy it leaves. 

And below: a proud father.  :)

Beautiful Mama.

A handmade, personalized blanket from his grandmother.  So special.

Good work S & D - he's beautiful.  Here's to your new little life!