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It's Black and White [Personal Project]

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I've heard about quite a few daily photo projects over time, but they all seemed to require too much thinking for me.  I wish it weren't the case, but I don't trust myself to remember to get out the camera (or even iphone!) every day and take a picture.  (Side note: I've often thought there are too many things to do daily that "just take 20 minutes".  Read this, exercise that, clean that one thing, pick up those items...have you ever thought this?)

Recently though, I heard the idea to set an alarm and take a picture at that time.  I loved the idea!  I don't have to remember to take a picture every day, but I am still challenged for a moment when the alarm goes off.  There aren't a lot of rules - I just aim to capture my surroundings in an aesthetically pleasing way without changing them.      

On the days when I think, "what on earth do I want to photograph here?" I really love it.  I'm forced to think...and then just take a picture.  Just do it.  That's really good for me.  

 So far, I love it because I'm forced to intentionally think about why I'm pressing the shutter and it's already fun to look back and see where I've been at 1:46pm.    

The last few days have turned out to be black and white images.  Like many lifestyle images or casual portraits, I like the images better in groups; the lines and areas of dark light compliment each other.  This is one of my favorite things about albums, events, decor, "getting ready" images - and daily life!    

Have you tried this kind of challenge?  Did you like it?  How did you grow from it?  xo