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I wanted to show off these beautiful albums and offer a visual for what I offer as WEDDING Albums compared to other albums.  They are really lovely and the best way to re-live your wedding day.  Pages are printed as a spread (the two pages you see when the book is open) so there is no gap between two pages.  Each page is mounted on stiff boards to create extra thick pages and bound in a traditional flush mount style.

Aren't they beautiful?  They are a great combination of simplicity and polish.  There are seven fabric options for the cover that you can view in person at a consultations.  

Do you have an album?  Are you pleased with it?  I look at mine more than I would have thought.  There's something about a book in hand and the way we looked that day - dreamy, happy, full of anticipation and emotion.  I see that look he gives me in the rare moments when he's sentimental and teary as he's waiting at the alter and - ah! - I'm right back to that wonderful day in September.  xo  

Planning your own dreamy, happy wedding day?  Contact me and we'll chat.