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Traveling with a Baby

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We just got back from a vacation to Mexico.  (It was wonderful!) I flew with E when she was a few months old, but this was the first serious flight and trip with our little one.  I'm constantly impressed by friends and bloggers who seem to travel the world with one (or three!) babies in tow.  


I thought I'd share a few of the resources I collected before our trip and add a few of my own thoughts.


A four-plus hour flight was a little intimidating to me, but our E did so well!  We were blessed to have to nicest man sitting next to us on our flight home.  He called himself "the luckiest person on the plane" to get to sit next to her for a few hours.  What a gem!  We came armed with books (her favorite), old holiday postcards (random, but she loves them), and a few other toys, but the plastic cups and napkins were just as entertaining for her.

There are so many great ideas out there. (That may or may not apply to your child...I'm still jealous of babies who sleep on planes!)  Here are a few I collected:


Thinking through the details was most helpful for us.  We prefer to travel with a loose plan and nail down details as we go, but flying to Mexico with a 14 month old required a bit more planning.  How are we getting from the airport to our hotel?  Do we need a carseat?  Crib?  What can we rent and what do we need to bring?  Big stroller or small stroller?  

Great posts from parents who helped me think ahead:



Although I rarely let E do anything on my phone besides occasionally scroll through photos, I gladly downloaded a few apps before we left.  Note: the apps aren't helpful if you accidentally leave your phone in your car.  (Yes, I did.  Thankfully the folks at Park-n-Jet were sweet enough to hide it for me!)

At 14 months, E is still a little young to really enjoy activities and games and I prefer to avoid lots of flashing lights and busy apps.  I went with Peekaboo Barn, Doodle Pad,  Toddler Flashcards, and a White Noise app.  I think I liked the doodle pad more than she did, but Peekaboo Barn was a hit.    

Have you traveled with children by car or plane?  Will you do it again?  What works well for you?  I'm hopeful that we'll keep exploring, whatever that looks like.  After talking with other moms, however, I also hope to keep telling myself to know my own child (*and hopefully children, one day).  Vacation is time with friends or family to rest, enjoy one another, and re-calibrate, whether we drive less than two hours or fly around the world.  

Wishing you rest and time to celebrate the important people in your life this summer!  xo

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