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Curtis Arboretum Maternity Session

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Wyncote, PA

I am such a fan of this maternity session.  Andrew and Melissa look fabulously classy and match the elaborate-mansion-ruins we chose as a setting.  

Beautiful, right?  I'm loving that coral-pink and blue combination Melissa has going on as well.  

These two happen to be dear friends of mine which makes the session even more special to me.  We met at Penn State and I've been blessed by their generosity, hospitality, and loyalty ever since.  

I'm not just throwing out nice words, either.  Melissa forced me to sleep in her bed and took the couch when I visited (before she was pregnant!), and Pete says Andrew has helped him move approximately 10 times* (*ok I don't think we've moved that many times, but he's helped a lot).    

I'm just a LITTLE excited that you're having a baby, A+M, and am so glad that this baby has you as parents.  

Thanks Andrew and Melissa!  xo

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