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Happy Mother's Day!

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Perhaps a bit unexpected, but this is one of my favorite pictures as of late.  We just rolled out of bed and it struck me how long this babe is getting.  Our eyes show we just woke up and it's just...real.  

It's easy to forget those small, everyday occurrences that are the real blessings of life.  Sleepy-eyed children are one of them for me.  That's the beauty of a photograph, isn't it?  Helping us to remember and celebrate what is good and true, and preserving a fleeting moment for us to come back to?  

Happy Mother's Day, all.  Here's to you and your children, whether they are here now (all day and all night!), already in heaven, or for now only in your prayers.  Give your mama a squeeze for the good things she's passed on.  xoxo.