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Baby Johnny

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Glenside, PA

I last saw this sweet family was to photograph their first babe a few weeks after my daughter was born in 2014.  This time, I took a break from maternity leave and packed my camera bag when my #2 was a month old to photograph a newborn session for their #2.  

Apparently we are connected when it comes to delivering babies.  ;)

"We kind of enjoy time together" she said as the pair made their rounds in the post-bedtime routine and poured a glass of wine.  It was obvious, and I so respect couples who work to prioritize one another.  

They relished in the quiet house, then immediately oohed and aahhed over pictures of their kids like every other parent you know.  Read on for the oohs and aahs.  :) 


D + S, you guys are example #143 of why I have the best clients.  Have another baby so I can see you again!  xoxo

Looking for a way to document your little one before he or she has a growth spurt and grows right out of that newborn stage?  Start a conversation and drop me a line.