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Drexel Hill, PA

Meet baby Logan.  Can you believe that face?  Yes, he was a newborn and less than two weeks old here and yes, he seemed to skip the wrinkly old man phase.  I credit his good genes?  

I've loved getting to work with families that, prior to a newborn session, I knew of but didn't know.  I walk into their house in these dreamy first days when everyone is on cloud nine and living in a blur at the same time.  You tell me birth stories and let me keep clicking through nursing sessions (thank you, by the way; it's for you and not the blog and the results are almost always among my favorites).

These two were no different.  They greeted me with grace and calmness, as though they weren't awake more than asleep the night before or sped through a major life change a few days prior.  

Thanks for having me, B+K!  I loved meeting your babe and getting to know you.  From what I see, it's all sweetness inside your walls.  :)

Congratulations, Katie and Ben, on having the most adorable little boy in Drexel Hill.  ;)  xo.