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Current Favorites: June

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I try to take a few pictures of my kids each month with my real camera. It doesn’t always happen and I end up going with when I’m inspired rather than scheduling it. Usually some combination of the light, how they look (whether cute outfits or naked and covered in dinner), and timing come together and I grab and shoot for a minute or two.

This is one of my favorite types of photography. It’s documentary in that I’m just photographing what is happening and not intervening at all or only slightly. That is real life to me. And yet, it’s “pretty” if I dare use that word. Documentary, but I don’t have my dirty kitchen in the background if I can help it. That memory will stay without any help from my camera roll. ;)

These are also my reminders that slow mornings are needed and valuable. Structure is essential for us, but I also love being able to say, “Sure you can… (play in the crib / help me with dinner / etc).

How do you celebrate / document / remember? Wishing you eyes to see what you want and breathing room to make it happen this week. xo.