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A Red, White and Blue Wedding

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Warren, NJ

It's been a bit of a rough week (I was sick, then the baby got sick, now P is sick...grr) but working on THIS lovely day was a bright spot.  Have I ever had so much trouble narrowing down images?  I loved so many of them that a few more than usual may have slipped into this post.  :) 

I left my house that July 4th morning under a rain coat, umbrella, and all kinds of rain gear to brave the hurricane that was blowing through, but Brandon and Melissa managed to get married under beautiful blue skies.  I like these two.  They both were ready first then fastened dresses and tied ties for others.  She kicked off the sparkly heels and went barefoot with a "sure, let's go" for a photo.  And he - he loves her well.  Ah weddings.  Enjoy!       

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Those sweet smiles, lush greenery, a little sun...it was beautiful.  

M+B, it was a great party!  Thanks for sharing your day with me.