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We had a baby!

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Well friends, I'm sharing a post I drafted, oh, two months ago maybe?  I had one image to add and never got to it, so this post sat.  Hillary and Dan's wedding came and went and kept me busy, and it sat.  But finally!  It's fun to read something I wrote when she was about six weeks old since life already seems oh so different.  So, enjoy!  Here's a glimpse of our early days with the little darling.  (Although, at the time I was calling her my little tiger since she was so full of passion.)

                                                                                 ....................From April 20th, 2014:  ..................................

She's here!  Our little peanut (I'll call her baby e) surprised us and everyone else by coming three days early.  We met her just over a month ago and wow have these weeks flown by.  She is wonderful.  I really wasn't prepared for how much I'd enjoy her simply because she's ours.   

So, if you noticed things have been a little quiet around here for the past month or so, now you know why.  I knew I'd want to take a break from all things JHP and focus on our wee one, but I didn't expect it to be so hard to find a few hours to write this entry.  It turns out everyone is right: newborns take tons of time!  So, don't mind the crickets around here.  We're busy with more important matters.  :)

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She's sleeping in our bedroom for now and I finally moved her changing station to our bureau too.  Why did I (ahem, more like P) spend weeks walking down the hall at all hours of the night for diaper changes?  Yes, he's awesome and when getting up was still an ordeal for me would wake up just to change a diaper.   

I used to dread the nights - bedtime just meant the unknown of how much I'd sleep and how long I'd spend rocking a baby in the dark, watching the clock move towards dawn.  Thankfully she's a decent sleeper and I no longer get depressed at dinnertime.  I may nod off during a 2am feeding and celebrate when I get more than three hours of sleep in a row...oh newborns...but I'm still happy to see her every few hours when her belly wakes us both. 

................................. And that's where I left off.  Baby girl, you've come along way in just 14 weeks.  I can't get my head around the fact that you'll be sitting, crawling, and walking one day - then growing up?!  Oh my.  

Thanks for being excited with us!  I have more to share here, but in the meantime, I post images from my iphone to instagram or my VSCO grid.  Feel free to follow along.  

(Also: More newborn photos for your baby fever.)