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Allison + Dan: Married!

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Downingtown, PA

These two are married!  Photographing a wedding is so intimate, and I grow so fond of every couple I photograph.  Allison and Dan are no exception (see their engagement session for more on that) and their wedding was as happy and lovely and fun as they are.  

PS - I just love that top photo.  Allison was walking along holding her dress and I asked her to stop since I loved the low sunset light.  I may have asked Dan to "go join her" or something equally vague.  This is what happened.  

Congrats A+D!  Wishing you a beautiful marriage and life together.  xo

When I Work on a Wedding...

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... I get so jazzed.  I love so much about these events!  Some of the thoughts swirling through my head as I work on client images are below, if you are curious, and I am reminded over and over again why I love my job.  

I typically let out "oH look at her!!" sighs to my computer (or the dog).    

I pick out about 10 images I have to share RIGHT now, but they restrain myself because I'm not even through the getting ready phase of the day. 

I love the relationships that are documented: interactions with grandparents, the Mother of the bride looking absolutely beautiful as she zips her younger self into her wedding gown and reminding me of time, legacy, generations, and how beautiful it all is as a whole.  

I think of all the things I want to tell a couple: about how grandparents are a treasure and the fact that they were present for your wedding is a gift.  I miss mine terribly and will never forget my Gram planning her outfit for my wedding months ahead of time: a blue suit.  I think she had her outfit before I did.  On her RSVP to my wedding she checked that she would attend and added, "with bells on".  She didn't take things for granted and was tickled to be alive for the event.  At this point, I'm more than tickled.  Take time with them at your wedding.  I'll photograph it.  :)  

And other things that don't make me cry!  Like: "Do you know you visibly relax when he / she is at your side?"  Do you see this in couples?  I love it every time.    

How sweet are they?  There is an ease and a kind of smile that comes when they are standing next to their beau, and it makes my day.

"...Everybody wants to steal my girl...find another one 'cause she belongs to me."...songs pop into my head as I work.  My man grew up on punk rock and emo so I can't explain the influences I'm under.  ;) Apparently Pete's influence creeps in when my mind is occupied and unsuspecting.  (But actually that's a fun song!  Google the lyrics if you're feeling crazy.)  

There's more, but I'll stop there for now.  

Few things in life are more important than relationships and I find it such a joy to document them.  Thanks for entrusting me with your wedding.  May your images and albums spark stories with your children and grandchildren about your life and legacy.  

May you be rich in the good things of life: family, friends, and admiration for the one(s) you love.  xo



the Art of Getting Ready

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Throughout my years in college my friend Jessie - who is now more family than friend - taught me the art of getting ready.  While I typically tried to squeeze in an errand and a run before a shower, she valued breathing room.  When possible, she'd take her time, let her hair dry, waltz about in her robe, drink tea, and walk out the door relaxed, ready, and fabulous.  

On your wedding day: be fabulous like Jessie.   

There are so many things I love about the "getting ready" time of day before a wedding.  You are surrounded by your best women.  Prepping with some good coffee or good mimosas (or both) involves some lounging, some primping, and best of all: anticipation of the day to come.  

As you think about your own wedding day, here are a few ideas to help things run smoothly and set yourself up for great images:

  • Mirror, mirror, on the wall: Make sure your space has enough mirrors and outlets, or arrange to bring them yourself.
  • Girls only: Can you get to the bathroom half dressed?    
  • Don't go hungry!  Arrange to have (healthy) finger food delivered so bridesmaids can eat between hair / makeup appointments.  Even better: have packable snacks like granola bars to take with you.
  • Clear the clutter: Consider keeping bags and belongings in one room (or part of the room) to minimize clutter in your space.  That great photo of your mom helping you into your dress is best without the clothes you threw off and empty Starbucks cups in the background.
  • Don't get dressed...before your photographer arrives.  He or she will photograph your accessories using your surroundings and show off your style.     
  • Go where the light is: Expect your makeup artist and photographer to have a say in where you sit for appointments and put on your dress.  You are free to disagree, but remember, you hired them to make you look good!     
  • Maximize time: Your wedding planner or photographer will talk to you about the timeline of your wedding day and can recommend when he or she should arrive.  In general, I arrive earlier than a couple expects to capture this morning of emotions and pretty dresses.  

 And finally....The biggest challenge I've seen is transitioning from the mirror (getting ready) to the lawn (for portraits).  If you are aiming to keep your party on time, here are a few ideas:

  • Delegate: If you are working with an event planner, you're set.  If not, consider talking to an organized bridesmaid - or better, friend who isn't in the bridal party - to help keep you on track. 
  • Communicate with all stylists and vendors.  I talk through a timeline with couples well ahead of time.  Once you have that timeline, communicate relevant times to your makeup artist, hair stylist, bridesmaids, mother(s), etc so they can plan when to apply that last minute lipstick.
  • Accept it: Transitions take time!  Allow time to grab purses, use the restroom, find keys, pack a snack, review the transportation situation, etc.  Your event planner (or that organized friend) will help with this.    

But, you know, I've had weddings run ahead of schedule and behind schedule, and you know what?  They are all married.  :)   Yes, aim for a relaxed morning on your wedding day, but work your little tushy off to get through the hiccups in marriage.  Can I get an "amen"? 

What do you think?  Do you have anything to add?  What worked (or didn't!)?


Planning your own wedding day?  Give me a call and we can talk through the details of your day!