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Baby Grace and Pink Blossoms

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Glenside, PA

Meet the tiniest little sweet pea, baby Grace. This little 5lb nugget slept through our entire session and convinced me that her parents are rockstars. Her big brother, English Pointer Duke, was regal and excited and protective and baby Grace, I think you have a good gig here.

Scroll on for images of a sweet babe in a lovely backyard and perfectly timed blooms to welcome her this past spring.

Mid-Century, Baby

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Drexel Hill, PA

Meet baby Logan.  Can you believe that face?  Yes, he was a newborn and less than two weeks old here and yes, he seemed to skip the wrinkly old man phase.  I credit his good genes?  

I've loved getting to work with families that, prior to a newborn session, I knew of but didn't know.  I walk into their house in these dreamy first days when everyone is on cloud nine and living in a blur at the same time.  You tell me birth stories and let me keep clicking through nursing sessions (thank you, by the way; it's for you and not the blog and the results are almost always among my favorites).

These two were no different.  They greeted me with grace and calmness, as though they weren't awake more than asleep the night before or sped through a major life change a few days prior.  

Thanks for having me, B+K!  I loved meeting your babe and getting to know you.  From what I see, it's all sweetness inside your walls.  :)

Congratulations, Katie and Ben, on having the most adorable little boy in Drexel Hill.  ;)  xo.

Baby Austin

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Bear, DE

Theresa has been one of my closest friends for years.  We had a joint sweet 16 birthday party, took pictures together before high school dances, and historically caught up over meals in diners (diet coke and salad for her, crispy chicken salad for me). 

She met her beau, and, like only brave souls can do, dropped everything and moved to Germany with him.  She's one of the hardest workers I know and I'm one of many who value her friendship.  This woman is...the woman.  

About the beautiful flag Austin is laying on (scroll way down) in two images: Anthony's grandmother had the flag flown over the white house on his 16th birthday and then gifted it to him.  Since then it has flown in the back of his plane on missions around the world.  What a legacy and a gift - to Austin and to the rest of us.      

Thank you for having me, A + T.  Your little one is adorable and I'm thrilled that I can now hop in my car and come see you.  :) 

Baby Sage

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East Falls, PA

When this little beauty was born, Pete and I changed up our date night, took our baby to hang out with them in the hospital and had a blast.  Yep, they are that great.  (And then went for late-night burgers at Bareburger - so good!  Amazing burgers and fun decor.)  

Sage, welcome to the world sweet girl.  I'm so very glad to capture all of your squishy newborn perfection.  

Congrats M + A, and lots of love to your beautiful family.  


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