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Baby Maise

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Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, PA

"I'm so glad we got them done when she was little, " Kristen said.  They had just seen the images from their little girl's newborn session and their baby was now four weeks old.  

Yes, Maise was still only four weeks old.  I found myself nodding in agreement since all newborns change in the 2-3 weeks between photographing them and delivering images.  A split second later I realized how funny the statement sounded.  She's still so tiny...but it's so true!  

These sessions are extra special because things change so fast.  I love photographing a family while they are still in that happy survival stage.  Everything is hard and awesome and for a few weeks, time doesn't really matter and the outside world is largely forgotten.  

But, you're here for the pictures, right?  :)  It was a privilege to meet this lovely, talented (He's in law; she's in medicine), honest (They talked as though I wasn't there.  I loved it.) pair.  Little Maise is going to be one heck a of a girl.  

Actually, she is already!  Enjoy this adorable little face!   

Congratulations K+P!  So happy to meet you and your sweet little bundle!  


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