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Irish (newborn) Eyes

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Southampton, PA

I have some sweet images of a new family of four to share, and I promise it is a complete coincidence that I'm talking about their Irish heritage on St. Patrick's Day!  (That did work out well though, didn't it?)  

I heard from this mama just after her second daughter was born.  This newborn session was extra special for me because Crystal and I met in college when we lived on the same floor (Tener Hall!) during our freshman year at Penn State.  My parens moved me in, said goodbye, and I walked out to a floor meeting and met Crystal.  The people we meet as freshmen seem to stick more than other years, don't they? 

Moving on to what I really want to say: this beautiful baby girl is here!  Crystal got in touch when they were home from the hospital and we quickly set up a time for me to come out and meet them.  I love that the Duffys used Irish spellings for both of their girls names.  Caitrin sounds lovely and original, doesn't it?  

Isn't she beautiful?  I love the personalized feel of her knit hat and blanket, too.  

Welcome to the world, little Caitrin!  xo

Expecting your own little peanut?  Email me to talk about a session for your family.