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Oh Adeline

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Oreland, PA

This family.  They laugh easily together, drag an ottoman into the nursery during feedings so they can hang out together while their little one snacks, and see their differences as strengths.  "He's numbers and I'm words", Christine says.  Love it.  

But what you really came to see: how adorable is that little face? Before I tell you more about how wonderful they all are, just look at a few of these images.  

This little angel baby was hanging (literally!) with her dad for the images above . . . then, just drifted off to sleep.  Just like that!  Later, she was laughing with her beautiful mama on the bed one minute . . . and drifted off to sleep the next.  She is already taking after her easygoing parents.

The inspiration for her name comes from Stephen Kellogg's song, "Oh Adeline".  "I'm gonna need a second heart for all this love", the song plays, and well, that's just about perfect isn't it?   

Dan and Christine joked and chatted in down times said they frequently pulled a stool into Adeline's nursery so they could hang out together while one of them was feeding their baby girl.  Sweet, right?   

D + C, thanks for sharing your little gem with me!  It was a delight to be with your family.  Have more babies and call me! :)  


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