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Christmas Baby (Leonard)

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Mount Laurel, NJ

Baby Isaiah was born just a few days before Christmas, and I got to meet up with him when he was still just a little peanut and document this new family of three.  Ahem, I mean, four.  Duke (the dog) is definitely a part of this crew.  :)    

These few images were snuck in before we were even set up.  So often the unplanned end up being favorites, don't you agree.  Big dad, little baby.  Love.  

Although they were the ones who had just given birth and were adjusting to a new lifestyle as parents, they talked as though I was the guest of honor when I arrived.  They are as sweet and selfless as ever and think the other is more lovely as a parent.  

They are as wonderful as they look!  Enjoy highlights from sweet Isaiah's first photo session, if you'd like.  

Beautiful, mama.