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Engagement Session in the Woods (John + Kristin)

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Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, PA

I met up with John and Kristin on a hot Friday evening in the spring for their engagement session.  They were working overtime on wedding stuff (planning a party for ALL your favorite people is no joke, as you know) and showed up looking classy and cool (I couldn't wait to get these two in front of old stone walls when I saw these outfits!) ...but told me how beat they were.  We took a few minutes to chat and chill and I dare say they did just fine. (See below.) 

I mention this because I know it's quite a bit of work to get out of the house for a photo session and it is so common to feel frazzled and stressed when we begin!  I have more thoughts on this, but for now, just know that folks who show up feeling crazy still love their final images.    

John and Kristin, I loved getting to know you and see just how much you care for one another.  Lovely in my camera and lovely in real life.  xo.