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What I'm Giving this Valentine's Day

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A friend was recently talking about a chapter in a book called The Meaning of Marriage that inspired my not-so-original idea for a Valentine's Day gift.  Perhaps an odd place for inspiration, but I'm hoping it will be well received.  The idea?  Words.  

The book briefly describes catching a vision of our spouse in perfected form - the fullest, truest version of themselves.  Cool concept, isn't it?  (The book's explanation is much better.)  All that to say: I've been thinking about this and wanted to encourage my man this Valentine's Day with what I see in him.  

Things like, for example, the way he strives for excellence in everything he creates.  Or the way he calmly and fearlessly solves problems.  And that I'm thankful that he is lighthearted and playful (No wonder he gets the best giggles from our little girl!).  

What better gift than to tell the one(s) we love how lovely they are to us?  Happy Valentine's Day to you and the ones you love!  Who are...

...becoming kinder and stronger as the years go on.

...amazing, even though they are only a few days old.

...determined, strong, sleep-deprived, and radiant.    

...your favorite partner in the midst of life's (awesome) craziness. 

...more beautiful now than ever. 

...incredible, just because they are here and yours.  


Have a wonderful weekend with the ones you love!

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